• U.S. T-mobile Data Premium 10 Days (unlimited)
T-Mobile travel plan for traveller who'd like to travel anywhere of USA. Best choice for city tour.

The plan include 1 hardware of sim card with unlimited high speed(LTE/3G) data and unlimited voice&SMS in U.S. and Unlimited voice&SMS to Canada in your trip.

The sim card is triple cut which could adapt all of mobile phone include iPhone and Android.

We kindly remind customer has to use UNLOCKED mobile for the sim card, and some important notes in order to ensure customer enjoys the trip:

1.       Please plug sim card into handset which you will bring to USA once you got. It works well if screen shows “no service” after you powered on(No service just because we haven’t activated it). Please inform us to deliver new sim card if screen show “no sim”  after you tried many time of plug-in and out with different handsets.

2.       Please inform us the activated and de-activated date ASAP by mail. We would activate your sim cards 7-9am central time on activated date normally. And de-activate the sim cards after 24:00 on the de-activated date. Please let us know if you require activation time earlier then our standard upper.

3.       The travel package include unlimted high speed data, unlimted USA&Canada to and from voice and SMS, unlimited international SMS. Customer shouldn’t make any international call other than Canada and USA which action would cause whole sim card has been suspend.

4.       T-Mobile USA Technical support Hotline: 847-507-1360. Hours of Operations is 9am to 5pm central time.

5.    You could set up data monitoring in your handsets. The statistics in handset is pretty close to statistics in operator’s system. As well you could make phone call or SMS to T-Mobile- customer support Hotline: 847-507-1360 for verifying data consuming.

6.  We will report the phone numbers to you about 2-3 days in advance of activated date by e-mail.

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U.S. T-mobile Data Premium 10 Days (unlimited)

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